ALBUM: #TheNovemberProjectEP by Chen Emmanuel and The GraceBound Crew @thegracebound | The GospelHub TV

Chen Emmanuel is a gospel Singer/songwriter and the music director for the GraceBound Crew. The Gracebound crew was envisioned on February 2016 and since then been ministering as a group. The GraceBound Crew is a group of gifted musicians and is not de...

chen, emmanuel, is, a, gospel, singer/songwriter, and, the, music, director, for, the, gracebound, crew, the, gracebound, crew, was, envisioned, on, february, 2016, and, since, then, been, ministering, as, a, group, the, gracebound, crew, is, a, group, of, gifted, musicians, and, is, not, de

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