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Web TV Feature List Interested in owing your own Web TV or Online TV, find below our proposed features:  Multi-Browser & Multi-Device: Flash + HTML5 Your Web TV will be compatible with PC and mobile browsers like Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9,10,11... Chr...

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Web TV Feature List


Interested in owing your own Web TV or Online TV, find below our proposed features:


Multi-Browser & Multi-Device: Flash + HTML5

Your Web TV will be compatible with PC and mobile browsers like Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9,10,11... Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, etc.


Our solution works seamless with Flash + HTML5, for maximum compatibility with different playback devices (PCs, Mobiles, Tablets, etc.). You can select which technology you prefer as default and which one as fallback and the Web TV will use the most appropriate one according to the capability of the users devices.

Your Web TV video player features include:

• Seamless Flash + HTML5 playback (MP4 H.264 + AAC and WebM supported).

• High Definition (HD) video playback.

• "Full screen" capability

• Video thumbnails (preview/tooltip thumbnails).

• Playlist visualization.

• Support for streaming video playback2: Live or On-Demand, including Adaptive Multi-Bitrate and [NEW!] MPEG-DASH support.

• Support for video overlay advert.

• Support for interactivities and banner overlays

• Multiple video qualities (with automatic bandwidth detection).

• Aspect ratio correction (4:3, 16:9, anamorphic, etc.).


Monetization: Banners & Video Ads - Pay Per View Ready -


Monetize your Web TV by including your own video Ads, banners and (optionally) by selling access to your content.


Video Ads: Include your own clickable video Ads either Clip/Channel pre-rolls or Channel mid-rolls (which are Ads that get inserted into a Channel's playlist).


Video banner overlays: Through the optional features you will also be able to overlay banners over videos


Standard banners: Include banners from Google AdSense, DoubleClick, AdBrite, OpenX Ad Server or any other Ad server (any HTML code) into the predefined banner spaces (or through widgets).


Pay Per View ready

Through the optional Store feature, you will be able to sell access passes to watch and download "Premium" (restricted) content, directly from your Web TV (Pay Per View/Pay Per Access).


Video Channels (Playlists)

Video channels are playlists where the included videos are played back in sequence.

You can create any number of video channels and sort out the playlists, the way you want, using drag and drop.


Multiple playlist per Channel
For each Channel, you can create several playlists (only one can be active at a time). This is useful, for example, if you wish to create a different playlist for every day of the week. This feature is complemented by the optional Scheduler feature, which, among others, allows you to automatically select the current Channel playlist according to a date or day of the week.


Playlists synced with the time
Playlists synced with time allows you to simulate a TV Channel broadcast (fake live). The player will start playing back the corresponding video according to the start time as well as the current time. This functionality is complemented with the possibility to create several playlists as well as the optional Scheduler feature, when used in conjunction you will be able to activate a different playlist for each day of the week.


Video Interactivity (Link/Banner6 Overlays) and Subtitles

Overlay text links during video playback. This feature is really useful to link video content to other websites with complimentary info, online stores, or simple for selling publicity. You can add any amount of links per video.

Complementing the functionality included as standard, we also offer the optional Clip Interactivity feature, which allows you to overlay banner images and add subtitles over the videos.


More than Video: Include Textual/HTML Content

You can also create pages with textual/HTML content using the integrated WYSIWYG editor. This is great for including any non-video content like your contact information, about your organization, blogs, services, privacy policy and more. Additionally, the Web TV includes a basic contact form template, which can be customized (with HTML code) to add or remove data fields.


Optional: News & Events

With the optional News & Events feature you don´t need to use a blog or external website: everything is integrated into the Web TV.


Categories and Subcategories

Organize your videos, channels, pages, galleries, news and events with categories and subcategories. You can create any number of categories, additionally; each category can have up to three subcategory levels.

For each category, you can provide a poster image as well as a detailed description with HTML content, using the integrated WYSIWYG editor.


Configurable Home Page

You have several options to set the Home Page of your Web TV: You can select a specific Channel/Page, Latest Videos or Latest News as the Home Page of your Web TV.

Additionally, you can create "Portal" Channels which include an image slider and overview with the latest items of the Web TV (videos, channels, galleries, news and events).


Social, Sharing, Comments Features. RSS Syndication

• Include links to your social network profiles in the Web TV.

• Auto generation of Link and Embed codes for every video.

• Buttons for sharing videos on several social networks.

• "Like" and "Dislike" rating buttons for every video.

• RSS Feeds for the Web TV, video channels, categories, etc.

• Facebook Comments system integration. When this feature is enabled, your visitors will be able to comment on Channels, Videos, Galleries, etc. using the Facebook Comments plugin. You will be able to associate your Facebook user ID or App ID in order to moderate the published comments.

• Disqus Comments system integration. When this feature is enabled, you will be able to associate your Site "shortname" (Disqus unique URL) to allow your visitors comment on Channels, Videos, Galleries, etc. using this system.



The solution incorporates a basic statistics system which collects information about complete and partial playbacks, channel/videos/category page views, interactivity views/clicks, ad views/clicks, searches, etc.


SEO: Search Engine "Friendly"

Web TV is designed for easy search engine indexing. You can provide descriptions and tags for every video, channel and page. It also includes a standard and a video-specific sitemap generator.

Additionally, Web TV can automatically generate the Structured Data("Organization", "Video", etc.) required for the Google's "Rich Snippets".


User Management / Security / Logging System


User Management
The application has a complete User management system in its core. Through the optional "Advanced User Management" feature, you will be able to create users of different access levels, reassign content ownership, allow user registration and user content creation (with moderation tool). Additionally, the system can send nine types of E-mail notifications based on non-Admin user actions.


Out-of-the-box configurable IP blocking for IPs with several failed login attempts. Additionally, the system limits the login requests to one per IP, per second. Complementing the out-of-the-box functionality, through the optional "Advanced User Management" feature, you will also be able to receive E-Mail notifications when an IP gets blocked and log all failed login attempts (with CSV export functionality).


Logging System
The Advanced User Management is complemented with the logging system, which registers most of the user's activity into daily log files. Each log entry records the time/date, the user (regardless of its access level), the action, the IP and user agent info.


For information concerning development cost, please kindly call +2347053009453 so we can discuss and understand what you really want. Alternative, you can email us at info@gospelhub.tv .


Hope to hear from you ASAP


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